#RIPTwitter Trending after algorithm speculation

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Twitter Algorithm Apparently as soon as next week, Twitter will introduce an algorithm similar to how Facebook works that shows tweets from people you are following based upon how they calculate it via an algorithm, rather than the natural chronological order.  Today #RIPTwitter is trending, and it’s clear that some people are resistant to the change. Personally I think it may be a good idea. For years we’ve been forced to watch ads and commercials that don’t apply to us, but technology and cookies have allowed ads to be served up based upon our personal interests. People complained about that too, but if you are forced into watching an ad, wouldn’t you rather see one that actually applies to your interests? That’s a win-win for the advertiser and the viewer! Personally I don’t think this is a bad move on Twitter’s part, depending on how good the algorithm is. People are already soliciting for Twitter to offer an opt-out, but don’t expect that to be available! Chances are, everyone will use Twitter moving forward with the algorithm.  I have an active Twitter account with nearly 50,000 followers, so I will be sure to update this article or add a new one with my feedback about how the algorithm affected my user engagement whether that is good or bad.

Update 2/11/2016 According to USAToday “The new timeline will be turned on by default in coming weeks on Android, iOS and the Web, but users can turn it off.”

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