NBMiner 39.6 up to 90 MH/s on 3080Ti is closer to full unlock! 3060 3060Ti 3070ti

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NBminer released an update last night per my Reddit post. I ran overnight and got an extra 10 MH/s between my 3060 & 3080ti Founder’s edition and reports of 45.5 MH/s on 3060Ti. Users in the thread are reporting up to 90MH/s on the 3070Ti & 3080Ti! This is a definite improvement and one step closer to a full unlock. See my video below. Please comment below with your findings.

Here is a newer video to answer questions about voltage/overclock settings and also show how to set the RGB colors on the 3080TI

Don’t forget to check the boxes for voltage control so you can see your voltage and use the curve editor!

Note: Below is the first video I posted early this morning to let everyone know about the NBMiner 39.6 update. The video above has more information.

Update November 2021- My current OC settings in Afterburner are:

Core Clock +0 / Memory Clock +1350 / Voltage locked at 756mV using Curve Editor, Power Limit 79%, Fan 80%

Every card is different the main things you will need to adjust are the MC and Power/Voltage. I’m getting 91-92 MHs with these settings now!