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Top 10 results on Google & Bing Knoxville SEO

Knoxville SEOIf you want your website in the top 10 results on Google or Bing, and you want to stay there, adding content to your page is vital. The days of sitting back on auto pilot and simply optimizing your page are long gone. Most of the websites we design allow you to login and write posts which automatically appear in your blog section of your web site or under articles.  In most cases, we can also automatically display the last five blog posts on your home page and also notify Google and Bing of these new pages on a daily basis for quick indexation.

I also suggest writing several blog articles while you have time and then scheduling them to publish at future dates. This is especially helpful for small businesses who have a lot of responsibilities. When you write your blog articles for SEO you want to make sure the article is between 300 and 500 words and includes at least one image and optionally an embedded Youtube video. Take the time to make sure your permalink or page URL helps promote your keyword. Do not just use what is there by default! Also, use the build in tools we provide to analyze the page and make optimization suggestions. It is extra work to enter a meta description, keywords but it only takes a few extra minutes and the payoff is worth it! 

If you need help with Knoxville SEO content management call us at 865-379-7171. We can assist you anywhere you are located and if you are located in Knoxville, Lenoir City, Maryville, Morristown, Oak Ridge or any others areas close to Knoxville, TN we can meet in person. We have worked with companies since the 1990’s so as a result, we have worked with numerous companies around the world to help them with Knoxville SEO and US SEO.