Google Specialists Robocalls Explained

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One frequent question I get from our Knoxville website design customers is what are the robocalls from people claiming to be Google Specialists all about? There are variations which also include themes about your Google business listing needing to be updated or claimed, or as you can listen in the one below claiming to be Google specialists offering a front page position that is available, if you qualify that is for a business like yours and can guarantee front page placement on Google with unlimited clicks 24 hours a day at a flat rate on Google. They make it a point in this short clip to use Google’s name twice. As a result, many people assume this is Google actually contacting them, but the call below is not from google, but rather a telemarketer.

Anyone can guarantee that you are on the front page of Google by purchasing Google Ads and bidding high enough on the keywords. You don’t need a telemarketer or specialist to setup google ads, and it’s usually cheaper to have your website designer set this up for you as part of your website design project, or as part of your website SEO package. This way, you can pay google directly for your Google ads, and there is no middle man taking part of the flat rate they refer to. All the money you spend each month goes directly toward your advertising costs.

We are located in Knoxville, TN however, because we have been in business so many years, we work with customers all across the United States and Canada.  Call us today for more information about getting your business in the top 10 search results on google organically or purchasing Google ads.