Facebook Accounts Hacked? No, it was cloned!

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Recently facebook accounts are being cloned or some people refer to this as “my facebook page was hacked”. You are not hacked, they are using information that you provide publicly. The cloned account sends friend invites to your existing friends on your real page. This problem is actually very easy to prevent from happening! They are able to send these requests from cloned facebook accounts because most people have their friends list exposed and are available publicly. You can go into your facebook privacy settings  and change “who can see your friends list” to Only Me, and then your friends list is no longer available. There is no real reason why your friends list should be public anyway. Please share this article to help get the word out, this is a real problem on facebook currently! I also suggest limiting your past posts and turning off face recognition while you are in there!

Below is a viral facebook Hoax Message related to this. You can read more about this Facebook scam as well as my suggestions below on ABC11 here.


“Hi….I actually got another friend request from you yesterday…which I ignored so you may want to check your account. Hold your finger on the message until the forward button appears…then hit forward and all the people you want to forward too….I had to do the people individually. Good Luck!”