Domain Name Registration

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Did you know your domain name has a legal owner? Think of it like a deed to property, or the title to a car. I have been designing and hosting websites since the 1990’s and even to this day, I consistently see domain names improperly registered to the website designer or website design company locally here in Knoxville, TN and other places as well. Even if the intentions are not malicious, unexpected events happen in life. If the person who legally owns your domain name dies unexpectedly or the company goes bankrupt,you could have some serious issues gaining access to it. I have also seen several cases where website designers registered a domain name to themselves, and it was done intentionally. When the actual business owner wanted to have another website designer take over the website, the previous developer caused problems and delays or demanded monies. I have also seen cases where disgruntled employees overtook a domain name. You need to realize this may be considered theft of intellectual property and you have legal rights! It’s not okay to steal from your employer, whether it’s tangible or intellectual property!

You can check to see who your domain name registrant is by visiting the who domain name lookup page. Pay close attention to the Registrant Name and address, that is the really important information. If anyone other than you, or your business is listed there, you should correct it as soon as possible!

Also, be advised, anyone can look up the whois on a domain name so the address is public information. If you have a home based business and you want to keep your address private, consider using a PO BOX. Also, make sure your information is current. Although it is rare, you can lose your domain name for having incorrect contact information listed.