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It never amazes me how often I will visit a website and find out that the social media icons either don’t work because they are the template placeholders, or they lead to a non-existing account. Today stumbled across Weigle’s convenient gas station stores in the Knoxville, TN area . Clicked on the Twitter icon, and it said account not found. Confirmed by actually creating the twitter username, so now when you click on the twitter icon on the website, it leads to the account I just created. I find this totally unacceptable that the web developer allowed this to happen. Right now, I could be posting inappropriate or offensive content that the company is associated with and the consumer would assume it is associated with the business since the corporate website links to the twitter page. If you are in executive management at Weigle’s, feel free to contact me to take over the Twitter page. I’m just curious how long it takes someone to discover this after 12/2/2019. Update- July 21, 2020 a new social media manager contacted us and we released the page!

PS- You need Google Street Maps 360 tours for your stores-