#RIPTwitter Trending after algorithm speculation

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Apparently as soon as next week, Twitter will introduce an algorithm similar to how Facebook works that shows tweets from people you are following based upon how they calculate it via an algorithm, rather than the natural chronological order.  Today #RIPTwitter is trending, and it’s clear that some people are resistant to the change. Personally I think it may be a … Read More

Don’t leave children and pets in the car!

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It’s really disturbing how many times I see pets left in cars in the parking lot even during the summer! Even more disturbing is people leave children in the car! A lot of people seem to be really ignorant to the fact that even with temperatures outside as low as 57 degrees, heatstroke can occur! In as little as 10 minutes, … Read More

something happened windows 10 installation failed

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Something happened windows 10 installation failed anyone else getting this error? Microsoft fails again. What exactly do they mean by “something happened” wow that narrows it down! Please comment below if you had the same problem! I will update the blog when information becomes available so bookmark the page!

Knoxville SEO through website content

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Top 10 results on Google & Bing Knoxville SEO If you want your website in the top 10 results on Google or Bing, and you want to stay there, adding content to your page is vital. The days of sitting back on auto pilot and simply optimizing your page are long gone. Most of the websites we design allow you … Read More

Website video and SEO

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The internet is the fastest growing media in history including television and radio. Websites are capable of playing videos, but most local businesses are neglecting this area. Instead, many business owners focus efforts on the written content or the appearance of the site. The costs of producing a professional video are one reason why many companies avoid adding one, however … Read More

Workout Anytime Knoxville

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Workout Anytime charges members 15.00/month with no long term contracts. Unlike the expensive gyms, they don’t spend large amounts of money on advertising. The challenge here was competing with large gyms like Planet Fitness, The Rush Fitness and National Fitness centers, all which have large advertising budgets and full time employees to manage the web and social media.  As you … Read More

Blairland Baptist Church

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Blairland Baptist Church is a congregation of approximately 500. They had no logo and needed assistance setting up  Social media and claiming their Google business page. We were able to combine duplicate pages on facebook into one page. Within a couple weeks the site appeared on Google and is easy to find. Members enjoy the mobile friendly version of the … Read More